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How can you really feel like a dynamic and strong man and at the same time be receptive, responsive to touch and in contact:? Let GAY-TANTRA show you the way! You’ll experience strength and lightness when you communicate authentically with your sexuality and feel freer, more at ease and loving when interacting with others.

By taking part in the ‘Desire – Ecstasy – Bliss’ Workshop you will open up new prospects for your love life. Feel sexually attractive and charged with energy and experience life directly and without complications.

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Our self-confidence as men is also connected with your sexual potency. Our confidence is sometimes over exaggerated by our behaviours: we boast, lead a life of excess and lack of inhibition and disregard the needs of others. Our self-esteem is sometimes restricted: we may suffer from a lack of libido, premature ejaculation, lead a solitary and unsociable life or neglect our own actual needs.

This Workshop will bring your self-confidence into a healthy balance and let you experience for yourself that sexuality can be playful, simple and a source of great joy, ecstasy and bliss in your life.

Course and contents:

Body awareness, movement and encounter help you to contact up with yourself and the other men.

Active and silent meditations stimulate the flow of energy to sensitize the skin and organs and prepare you to sense energy coursing throughout your whole body.

The imaginary division of your body into seven segments helps you to channel your awareness to a specific area.

A relaxing abdominal massage will provide you with support to reprogram the habits you probably learned with respect to genital contact: touching – excitement – stimulation – ejaculation – flaccidity.

Genital and anal stimulation will help you avoid premature ejaculation, get a stronger erection and maintain it longer.

The stimulation arouses the area of your pelvis and your sexual fire; and you experience how this fire can spread throughout your body with the help of the chakras.

During the ‘Desire – Ecstasy – Bliss’ ritual you direct your sexual desire through your whole body and connect it with a ritual partner. You both merge in a shared experience of sexual energy and pleasure.

Presentations, discussions and personal exchanges will help you to integrate your experiences during the workshop with your everyday life at home, providing ideas for post-workshop practice and the ongoing inclusion and integration of GAY-TANTRA™ in your daily routine!

In addition, this introductory workshop will also give you a more accurate picture of how you can benefit from GAY-TANTRA programs and their incredible potential for positive personal transformation!


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This workshop is suitable for you:

Upon registration for this introductory workshop first-time participants will receive the following materials for advance familiarization and preparation:

The GAY-TANTRA Film ‘Strong Man – Longer & harder erections, no premature ejaculation’ and several other information films to download for free.

GAY-TANTRA Klassisch Ekstatisch

Classic / Ecstatic

Dates for booking:

Venue: Tantra Center, Stahlstrasse 17, 90411 Nuremberg, Germany

No one should be stopped from participating for financial reasons only; get in touch if you need assistance!

Venue: Care & Share Centre, Welserstr. 5-7, 10777 Berlin

No one should be stopped from participating for financial reasons only; get in touch if you need assistance!

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