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The Art of Self-Ecstasy – Training

Here´s what´s waiting for you:

Everybody does ist, but hardly anyone talks about it:
Sex with oneself, masturbation.

In this Training you explore the path of sexual release to ecstatic self-love. You will experience many different and partially very surprising rituals, with which you learn to appreciate and accept yourself more deeply and fully.

Course and contents:

Self-massages will help you to build up a more profound contact with yourself and your body. Creative touches will increase joy with yourself.
You will learn the Multiple-Orgasmic Genital Stimulation and will experience on a first level multiple, complete-physical orgasms (Multiple Orgasmic Reations – MORe 1; DVD: GAY-TANTRA – The Multiple, Orgasmic Genital Massage.) 

Rituals of self-pleasuring in diffrent and partially surprising forms and versions will increase your vitality. You will have the chance to abandon false guilt, sense of shame and sense of indebtedness and to free your ecstatic being. 

Experiences with the chakras, the energy vortex of the body, will help you to let your sexual energy flow through youre entire body.

A ritual will provide a framework to connect these energies with various partners.

Conversation, partner massages, meditations and rituals create a basis beside the self-loving rituals to connect deeper with other men in the group. 

This Training is suitable for you:

  • If you want to experience yourself, your body and your sexuality in a new way.
  • If you want to become a freer person.
  • If you want to experience “ecstatic sexuality”.
  • If you want to develop your sexual life.
  • If you want to combine sexuality with love, appreciation, respect and spirituality.

Comments & Reviews

Daniel, 57 years old
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I feel proud to have felt unsuspected strength in my body and subtleties in my deep muscles. The sharing of breathing exercises, and others have led us to moments of extraordinary ecstasies. Flow, sexual and sensory tensions of the music and a concentration of energy increased by the benefactor spirit of the group and under the guidance of Armin, revealed to me what I had come to seek and discover a new spiritual enjoyment more ecstatic than I imagined and that I hope I can still share...
Alexander, 46 years old
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Now five days later, I find time to open all your sharing emails. Reading them, suddenly tears come into my eyes and I feel a longing to all of you. Being touched in my heart shows me that our last weekend has been a very special one with awesome great people! I felt very safe with all of you and enjoyed tremendously. I miss you all!

Upon registration first-time participants will receive the following materials for advance familiarization and preparation:

  • The GAY-TANTRA Education Film ‘The Art of Selfecstasy’ (running time about 50 minutes) and other Bonus Films for Download allows you to maximize what you will learn and take home from the workshop (all films together value about EUR 45).
GAY-TANTRA Klassisch Ekstatisch

Classic / Ecstatic

Dates to book:

Venue: Care & Share Centre, Welserstr. 5-7, 10777 Berlin

No one should be stopped from participating for financial reasons only; get in touch if you need assistance!

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