Mahamudra: Awakening in the Silence – Meditation Intensive

Mahamudra - Erwachen in der Stille

Mahamudra: To be totally intimate with yourself. To be aware of yourself in all aspects. To be close to yourself and your innermost being, tenderly, lovingly. Awakening towards Your Self. ‘Mahamudra’ refers to the practice of silent meditation in the Tantric tradition. In silence, recognize who you are, where you come from, where you are […]

Mahamudra: Immersing in Silence – Introductory and Practice

Mahamudra – Eintauchen ins Schweigen

Topic: “Mahamudra” stands for the practice of silent meditation in the tantric tradition. “Mahamudra” means literally: “The Big Gesture” or “The Last Gesture” in the sense that this is the last gesture, which is possible – afterwards there is no more”. “Mahamudra” thus simply means to be completely in the present: Not before – not […]