Gay Kamasutra: Inspired Sexuality – Special-Workshop for Singles & Couples*

Gay Kamasutra- Inspirierte Sexualität – SpezialWorkshop für Singles & Paare

Topic: The Kama Sutra, the most important love doctrine of Sanskrit literature, can also be for same-sex couples a rich source of exciting findings: Behavior that has become entrenched is left behind to bring sexual togetherness to a new bloom.As Tantra can also be called “sexual yoga”, so describe the love positions of Kama Sutra […]

Eros, Energy & Massage – Intensive Seminar

Eros, Energie & Massage - IntensivSeminar

This awaits you: Join us for the Eros, Energy & Massage Intensive Seminar that will provide you with new and fascinating possibilities to develop your sexual potential and to expand into new areas of experience – in which trust, love, awareness, acceptance and empathy converge – to let our body limits melt and let us […]

Desire, Ecstasy, Bliss – Introductory Workshop

Lust - Ekstase - Glückseligkeit (EinführungsWorkshop)

This awaits you: How can you really feel like a dynamic and strong man and at the same time be receptive, responsive to touch and in contact:? Let GAY-TANTRA show you the way! You’ll experience strength and lightness when you communicate authentically with your sexuality and feel freer, more at ease and loving when interacting […]

Sexual Energy Massage – Introductory Workshop

Sexuelle EnergieMassage

This awaits you: Immerse yourself in the world of relaxation, playfulness, tranquillity, energy and connectedness. GAY-TANTRA opens the door for you! Feel pride and self-confidence to open up new levels of consciousness with your sexuality for your life. By taking part in the Sexual Energy Massage Workshop you open up new perspectives for your love […]

Osho Dynamic Meditation™ – Regular Practice

Dynamische Meditation Berlin

Osho Dynamic Meditation™ is a process of transformation in 5 stages. Armin Heining is looking forward to welcoming you to Berlin, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for the practice of Dynamic Meditation. Stages of Dynamic Meditation: Stage 1 (10 min): Breathing chaotically Breathe chaotically through the nose, paying attention only to the exhalation. The body […]