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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, they are very well educated men with good social manners and behaviors, warm-hearted, loving and often very sexy – my workshop is mostly a much better experience than the average gay scene meetings and events. Vague curiosity, as well as targeted search for a different gay lifestyle, brings men into sampler, sampler intensive and longer-lasting classes and trainings. A referral by a friend or acquaintance often motivates them to register and participate as well. Bi and heterosexual men love to participate to charge their masculine side as well as hanging out with same-sex lovers.

No. The introductory and intensive seminars and workshops are designed in such a way, that even a beginner can get along well. For later advanced seminars the requirements for participation are announced. The GAY-TANTRA events are open to all men regardless of age, sexual orientation, beginner or advanced level, single or couple status. It is only important to have a serious interest in GAY-TANTRA and the willingness to engage with men in a protected setting in order to get involved in deep and sometimes maybe bodily demanding experiences.

In general, the quality of a workshop experience is not depending on the number of participants. Mostly 6 to 16 men in the age range of 28 to 75 join an event. They are most of the time younger and middle-aged than older men.

The GAY-TANTRA events take place in well-chosen dance or yoga studios, or other residential or semi-residential settings. Those are in Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, Copenhagen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Vienna, Zurich and other cities.

Most of the men participate as a single. So: Don’t care about being single – you will find a partner for exercises. If you attend together with your partner you are more than welcome to practice certain exercises together with him.

We usually start lightly dressed or wear a sarong (made of cotton or silk) around our hips. Especially the sarong makes us sexy and playful as we are not used to wearing and presenting ourselves in a men’s group. However, when we get bodily active and maybe a little sweaty it makes us feel more comfortable to let the sarong go… If you keep your sarong all the times you are very welcome to do that.

That’s human having arousal come and go. We all know that at least. You can keep wearing your sarong for as long as you feel or turn away from the group. You need to know: Many participants would be happy receiving an energetic erection.

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