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Osho Dynamic Meditation™ – Energy Booster

Osho Dynamic Meditation™ is a process of transformation in 5  stages that takes you through charging, catharsis, grounding and meditation to joy and celebration.

I, Armin, and my team will be waiting for you for a round of energy and zest for life on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. So, if you’re ready to ignite your inner fire and start your day with pep, join us!
We’re looking forward to seeing you! 🔥😄

Please bring along: blindfold and comfortable clothes

Stages of Dynamic Meditation:

Stage 1 (10 min): Breathing chaotically

Let your breath run free and be as wild and irregular as possible. Concentrate exclusively on the exhale, because the inhale is controlled by your body on its own.
Breathe as fast and as powerfully as you can – and then a little more energetically. Imagine yourself transforming into pure breath. Use your body’s natural movements to feel even more energy. You will feel this energy increasing, but don’t let it completely escape in the first phase yet. It is like a wild horse that you can gently tame and direct.

Stage 2 (10 min): Explode

Now is the time to break free completely! Let go of everything that is bubbling inside you and screaming for freedom. Scream, shout, cry, jump, shake yourself, dance, sing, laugh and romp around. No holding back, no holding emotions!

It’s perfectly okay to go a little overboard in the beginning to get into the flow. Don’t let your mind get in the way. Be fully in the moment, let your heart take the lead. Be absolutely authentic and devoted to it.

This is your time to unleash your emotions and your energy. Allow yourself to be free and live out everything that is inside of you in this phase.

Phase 3 (10 min): Jump with arms raised high above

Now it gets even more intense! Stand up and raise your arms in the air. Start jumping up and down while chanting the mantra “Huh! Huh! Huh!” from your belly, as deeply and powerfully as you can.

Let the vibrations of this mantra pulse through your body. Let your arms touch the sky, and let your voice carry the energy outward. You are in a moment of complete ecstasy and liberation.

There is no need to hold back – let this process take you completely and enjoy the freedom it gives you. Your energy is limitless, so let it flow!

Phase 4 (15 min): Stop! Freeze

Stop abruptly and stay exactly in the position you are in. Do not try to get comfortable and avoid any movement. Any movement or distraction, no matter how small, could dissipate the built-up energy, and all your efforts would be in vain.

Now it is a matter of attentively observing everything that happens inside you. Your sensations, emotions, thoughts – just let them come and go without delving into them or resisting. You are a silent observer of your own inner self.

This phase allows you to dive into a deeper level of your consciousness and process the effects of the previous phases. Remain calm and serene and let the experiences take effect on you.

Phase 5 (15 min): Celebrate

Now is the moment to let the music guide you. Dance freely, express your gratitude to creation and let this feeling of happiness flow through your entire body.

Move to the rhythm of the music as if you are one with it. Your dance is a celebration of life and your own existence. You can express the joy and gratitude that rises within you through your dance and take it into your life.

Be inspired by this experience, and carry this feeling of joy and gratitude in your heart when you come out of meditation. It is a gift you have given yourself to connect with your inner energy and joy of life.

Find a fast run of the 5 stages on youtube:

Dynamic Meditation Berlin
GAY-TANTRA Klassisch Ekstatisch

Classic / Ecstatic

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