Armin Heining


Ecstatic Self-Love & Contact – Playshop for Tasting

This awaits you:

How can I overcome inhibitions in body and mind and experience deeper aliveness, connection and love for myself?
How can I express my desire and sexual energy powerfully and freely and at the same time be mindful and empathetic towards my partner?
How can I combine my desire and orgasmic energy with love and spirituality?

This Playshop is suitable for all men who love to come out of themselves and show themselves and those who want to learn, whether they are beginners or experienced in energy and body work. – for a New Culture of Peace ❤️

Experience in this Playshop for Tasting:

  • how shaking, loosening and dancing help you to let go and connect deeply with your body. Tension, stress and ‘bad’ emotions fall away so that you can connect with peace and joy within you.
  • how powerful breathing increases the sensitivity of your body and skin. As a result, you experience shivers of energy and orgasmic reactions when you touch yourself.
  • how you can glide into self-ecstasy through genital stimulation and forced breathing and connect your high arousal and energy with others in the room.

The short evening program gives you an idea of what the All Men GAY-TANTRA Training Module ‘The Art of Self-Ecstasy’ from 28.08. to 01.09.2024 has in store for you.

Please bring along to our meeting:

One large towel (bath towel) and a sarong (made of cotton or silk) to wear around your hips, and a blindfold.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Q: Is this a ‘naked’ workshop?

A: This is the most sexual of the four playshops to try out: at the beginning we are clothed with a sarong around our hips. Later we will see each other naked.

Q: I’m afraid of getting an erection in front of everyone. What should I do?

A: Excitement comes and goes – that’s human. With this Playshop in particular, you can be sure that we will be delighted with your energetic impulse.

Q: Will there be any sexual activity?

A: In a state of ecstatic self-love, we will not make physical contact with each other, but rather build up a maximum of group energy through movement, stimulation, eye contact, breathing and vocal expression. Let’s use this for an individual energy implosion: fireworks in your third eye, the whole body and beyond.

Armin Heining

Armin is giving in this workshop a taste of his teachings. Once a Benedictine Monk for 10 years he turned 1992 to the Founder of GAY-TANTRA on our planet connecting his spiritual experiences through Christian Mystic, Contemplation and Zen Meditation with Margot Anand’s SkyDancing Tantra, his tantric mentor for over 18 years.

Today he is a European and internationally acclaimed trainer and spiritual guide, very warm-hearted, understanding and enthusiastic at the same time. Have the pleasure and the honor to experience GAY-TANTRA at its origins!

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