Armin Heining


Venue: Tantra Centre, Nuremberg

Address Tantra ZentrumStahlstraße 1790443 Nürnberg more info Map on Google Maps Description: The Introductory Workshop ‚Sexual Energy Massage‘ takes place at the Tantra Centre Nuremburg, Stahlstraße 17, 90411 Nuremberg.The center can easily be reached by public transport (U stop „Herrnhütte“) or car. Accommodation/Meals: To increase the depth of the workshop experience, the group spirit and […]

Desire, Ecstasy, Bliss – Introductory Workshop

Lust - Ekstase - Glückseligkeit (EinführungsWorkshop)

This awaits you: How can you really feel like a dynamic and strong man and at the same time be receptive, responsive to touch and in contact:? Let GAY-TANTRA show you the way! You’ll experience strength and lightness when you communicate authentically with your sexuality and feel freer, more at ease and loving when interacting […]

Sexual Energy Massage – Introductory Workshop

Sexuelle EnergieMassage

This awaits you: Immerse yourself in the world of relaxation, playfulness, tranquillity, energy and connectedness. GAY-TANTRA opens the door for you! Feel pride and self-confidence to open up new levels of consciousness with your sexuality for your life. By taking part in the Sexual Energy Massage Workshop you open up new perspectives for your love […]

Osho Dynamic Meditation™ – Regular Practice

Dynamische Meditation Berlin

Osho Dynamic Meditation™ is a process of transformation in 5 stages. Armin Heining is looking forward to welcoming you to Berlin, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for the practice of Dynamic Meditation. Stages of Dynamic Meditation: Stage 1 (10 min): Breathing chaotically Breathe chaotically through the nose, paying attention only to the exhalation. The body […]

Mahamudra: Awakening in the Silence – Introduction and Practice

Mahamudra – Eintauchen ins Schweigen

Topic: “Mahamudra” stands for the practice of silent meditation in the tantric tradition. “Mahamudra” means literally: “The Big Gesture” or “The Last Gesture” in the sense that this is the last gesture, which is possible – afterwards there is no more”. “Mahamudra” thus simply means to be completely in the present: Not before – not […]

GAY-TANTRA® Massagen & Coaching with Armin

Armin Heining, GAY-TANTRA founder and pioneer (since 1992).

Armin Heining, GAY-TANTRA founder and pioneer (since 1992). Experience the art of touch, massage and sexual ecstasy! Armin is pleased to welcome you in his Remise, centrally and quietly located in 10555 Berlin (Address upon appointment confirmation) or at other locations after appointment. He is known as the GAY-TANTRA Founder & Pioneer (since 1992). At […]

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