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Fun, Creativity & Massage
Sampler Workshop

Meet open-minded and cordial men!
Awaken joy, liveliness and detachment!
Experience fun and light-heartedness!
Relax with touch, closeness, and massage!

This workshop is suitable for curious, accessible and experimental men of all kinds: whether newcomer or group-experienced.
Meet Armin, who has founded GAY-TANTRA in 1992, and enjoy your time with him.

  • The social meditation of the Four Directions is fun, leads to light movements, challenges, awakens your creativity and brings us together harmoniously. It is also an ideal introduction. Become part of a harmonious male cosmos!

  • Allow your own creativity to live in touch, closeness, and massage. This is explained in an easily comprehensible and uncomplicated way. Feel accepted and loved in the circle of men.

  • Let our breathing rhythms merge with each other. Let us enter spaces of consciousness, independently of individual personalities. Beyond YOU and ME!

The well-balanced structure of the program gives you a small taste of the workshops “Learn Erotic Massage" and “Erotic Tantra Massage".

For our meeting, please bring:
A blindfold (sleep mask, scarf or similar), a large towel (bath towel), a sheet (not fitted sheet cover) for the massage, a sarong (made of cotton or silk) for clothing around the hips. The sarong will be our clothing during the workshop.
If available, please also bring a yoga mat and a seat cushion/bench.

Questions & Answers

Q: I currently don't have a partner. Can I attend as a single?
A: Most of the men show up as a single. So: Don't care about being single - you will find a partner for exercises. If you attend together with your partner you are more than welcome to practice together with him.

Q: Is this a nude workshop?
A: The dress code for our experience is a sarong (made of cotton or silk) which you wear around your hips. This makes us sexy and playful as we are not used to wearing and presenting ourselves in a men's group. However, when we get bodily active and maybe a little sweaty it makes us feel more comfortable to let the sarong go... If you keep your sarong all the times you are very welcome to do that.

Q: I am afraid of getting an erection. What to do?
A: That's human having arousal come and go. We all know that at least. You can keep wearing your sarong for as long as you feel or turn away from the group. You need to know: Many participants would be happy receiving an energetic erection.
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