Armin Heining


Mahamudra: Awakening in the Silence – Introduction and Practice


“Mahamudra” stands for the practice of silent meditation in the tantric tradition. “Mahamudra” means literally: “The Big Gesture” or “The Last Gesture” in the sense that this is the last gesture, which is possible – afterwards there is no more”. “Mahamudra” thus simply means to be completely in the present: Not before – not afterwards but “just now”.

Humans attain this “Present” state in an excellent way through silent meditation. In the sitting position – on a chair, pillow or a meditation-bench – one experiences peace. The external silent position leads one to an internal silent position, which again supports the external sitting position. One attains peace and consciousness, which is important for the senses. The practice of “Mahamudra” enables us to tune our senses. “Consciousness” here does not mean rational (after)thoughts. Sex, soul and the heart are more involved here in tuning our senses.

Course and contents:

Guided by a simple and varied daily schedule the daily routine starts at 7.30 h with “Dynamic Meditation” to release stress, tensions and the chatter of the mind.

Around 12 rounds of silent sitting meditation change with meditative walking during the day.

Gentle bodywork, lectures, singing, recession of tantric texts, manual work, single discussions and a discussion to the conclusion, round the retreat off.

The attendance at ‘Training in Lust, Love & Ecstasy’ Module 6 can later be credited to the diploma GAY-TANTRA® Advanced Practitioner.

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