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Tantra-Energy Masseur (Certified)

Start date: 26.12.2019, 19:00     End date: 06.01.2020, 20:00
The beginning of the training is on Thursday, 26.12.2019 at 19:00 h with a meditation to arrive. The individual training days usually start at 07.30 h with a meditation in the morning and ends - with several longer and shorter breaks during the day - usually about 20.30 h. The end of the practical training is on Monday, 06.01.2020 about 20:00 h.
Berlin / Germany (GAY-TANTRA Oasis Berlin)

The Tantra-Energy Masseur training (Part 1 to 3) takes place in the rooms of GAY-TANTRA Oasis, Bundesallee 156, 10715 Berlin, Germany (U9 and S-Stop "Bundesplatz").

You are responsible for your own accommodation. You may stay at home or in a hotel.
Breakfast we will prepare and have together at our venue. Lunch and dinner you can eat something small in our place, or you can go out together with the others.

Important notices:
This training is no substitution for psychotherapy, self-experience, personality training, or sexual or spiritual development! It is assumed that the participants possess a certain mental and physical durability, and are open sexually and spiritually (natural mindset towards nudity, touch, also deep sexual touch, openness towards active and quiet meditation). If necessary, talk about your participation with the educator prior to registration!

Fee of participation:
The fee for the GAY-TANTRA masseur training amounts EUR 1.795, payable in one amount or - on request - in two instalments (50 per cent on the date of the written enrolment; 50 per cent one month prior to the beginning). This fee covers all costs for seminar hours and materials.

Fee: EUR 1795
Participants will receive three GAY-TANTRA Ecstasy Films and various other study and information films (value about EUR 45) after complete registration as download for free.
Participants, repeating the multiple, orgasmic stimulations (27.12. - 03.01.2020), will get a rebate code prior to their registration. Please contact us!

The following discounts are possible:
∇ (-10%) First-Minute Discount: for registrations until 27.10.2019

and additionally under one of the following conditions:
» (-15%) Social rebate: Students/Unemployed Persons [with ID]
» (-10%) Partner Discount: Couples - registering together

Seminar languages:
de uk

gay tantra
gay tantra