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Dear Reader,

At this time Thanksgiving is being celebrated in many places - this Newsletter is almost like a Thanksgiving celebration in itself. It reports on the many aspects and further developments of GAY-TANTRA over the past eventful summer months. It is nice that you take the time to review the events with me with astonishment and enjoyment...
The basis for all this is the regular practice of MEDITATION and TANTRA and the path of GAY-TANTRA, which I warmly invite you to pursue.
Here I would like to say “thank you” to all those busily working people in the background: without whom these fruits would not have been possible.

Sunfilled greetings to you from the island of Ischia, the seminar venue and my holiday stay, from,

Armin-Christoph Heining
GAY-TANTRA® Founder and Protagonist

PS: If you like, forward this email to your friends and acquaintances.

The news in content form:
1) GAY-TANTRA DVDs 2013 - filming completed
2) GAY-TANTRA’s next DVD model - write-up in MÄNNER Magazine
3) 5 GAY-TNTRA DVDs now available in French
4) Now additional newly certified GAY-TANTRA masseurs
5) 'GAY-TANTRA in Autumn' - online information evening on 17.10.
6) A warm invitation: the GAY-TANTRA seminars in the Autumn of 2013
7) Other seminars in 2014 (selection):

1) GAY-TANTRA DVDs 2013 - filming completed
After five jam-packed days from 23. - 27.09.2013, the filming for four new GAY-TANTRA DVDs is now completed. One day was allotted for each film and a further day to complete the filming of the bonus material. We are happy that everything went according to plan and recall the one or the other challenge during the shoot, but also the thoroughly professional and positive atmosphere on set. We will keep you up to date with further developments via the Newsletter!.

2) GAY-TANTRA’s next DVD model - write-up in MÄNNER Magazine 10-2013
On Thursday, 29.08.2013 the second selection process was held to find our DVD performers for 2013. Christian Luetjens, MÄNNER’s editor was there and wrote a report. A look 'Behind the Scenes'...

3) 5 GAY-TANTRA DVDs now available in French
Following the publishing of 'Gay Kamasutra', the first French-version GAY-TANTRA DVD in mid-July 2012; our partner, 'Optimale' has now published one year on four more films in France. All five listed French-version GAY-TANTRA DVDs are available in our webshop - we deliver to all countries!

4) Now additional newly certified GAY-TANTRA masseurs
They were eight hard days of training with the objective of learning two tantric full-body massages including a detailed genital/anal and prostate massage. In addition: reflection upon and memorizing of background knowledge to Tantra, GAY-TANTRA, the massages and the new career. We wish the three newly qualified GAY-TANTRA masseurs much joy and success with their newly acquired knowledge!
And read the Guestbook entries of the GAY-TANTRA Oasis Berlin for feedback on the qualified masseurs.

5) 'GAY-TANTRA in the Autumn of 2013' - online information evening on 17.10.2013
Many gay men are curious about Tantra. Top of their wish list is often to attend a workshop or seminar. Nevertheless there are obstacles preventing that wish from coming true You can get to know me, the director of the GAY-TANTRA training seminars, live during this online-video call. I will talk about GAY-TANTRA, present the training seminars for Autumn 2013 and will of course be open for all questions that may arise. Participation is free of charge. We request your official registration via our website.

6) A warm invitation:
the GAY-TANTRA seminars in the Autumn of 2013

I should like to direct your attention to five events and invite you to participate:
1) 'Anal and Prostate Massage' 9. - 10.11 in Zurich [CH]
2) 'Anal and Prostate Massage' 23. -24.11. in Cologne [GER]
3) 'Sexual Energy Massage' 30.11 - 1.12.2013 in Milan [IT]
4) 'Anal and Prostate Massage' 7. - .8.12 in Amsterdam [NL]
5) 'Ecstasy & Love' from 27.12.13 - 1.1.14 near Kassel [GER]
10% early booking discount if you register by 27.10.2013

7) Other seminars in 2014 (selection):
(10% early booking discount if you register up to 2 months before course beginning):
1) 'Training in Ecstasy & Love'
27.12. - 1.4.2015 – Modules 1 – 6 near Kassel [GER]

2) 'Ecstasy in Daily Life' from 1 - 5. 1. near Kassel [GER]
3) 'Mahamudra' - from 11. - 16.4. near Kassel [GER]
4) 'Art of Sexual Ecstasy' -
Intensive Seminar from 17 - 21.4. near Kassel [GER]

5) 'Time Out - for couples & partnerships'
from 30.4. - 4.5. near Kassel [GER]

6) 'In Sun, Wind & Waves' - HolidaySeminar
from 7.6. - 14.6. on Ischia [IT]

7) 'TantraYoga, Touch and Meditation'
HolidaySeminar from 14.6. - 21.6. on Ischia [IT]

These and all further seminars can be found in our Calendar

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