GAY-TANTRA Newsletter May 2012

Anniversary: 20 Years of GAY-TANTRA

Dear Reader,

when I began the adventure with GAY-TANTRA, 20 years ago, hardly anyone in society had an idea of what the expression 'Gay' could mean: This word entered the 'World of Appearances', as it is used in Buddhism, and had to be filled with contents.
And back then, among the Gay men, hardly anyone knew what 'Tantra' was. Nobody had a concrete idea about it.
It was my personal aim to create a frame in which (homo)sexuality & spirituality can interact with each other in respect and appreciation.

Respect and appreciation have grown - My recommendation today: Invest time and energy in contemplation meditation, Yoga, breathing exercises, massages, tantric exercises and practice - each of them is certainly an excellent extension and complement to our Western way of life, they enrich and improve our quality of life.

GAY-TANTRA - Breathe Life

Warm regards
Armin-Christoph Heining
GAY-TANTRA Founder and protagonist

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The news at a glance:
1) Celebration: 'Sexual Ecstasy' 16 - 20 May near Frankfurt/GER
2) For the first time in London: 'The Gentle Wave' 25 -27 May
3) Special rates for HolidaySeminars in 2012
4) Fixed dates for the 18. T.E.L.-Trainings 2012 - 2014 now online
5) 'Back to the Roots' - Pilgrim-Journey to India 27/1 -15/02/2013
6) Other GAY-TANTRA seminars in 2012

1) AnniversaryCelebration:
'Sexual Ecstasy' 16 - 20 May near Frankfurt/GER

Meet 'old acquaintances' and former as well as current seminar participants! Come and join us spontaneously! I invite all men of all ages with all kinds of previous experiences, who came into contact with 'ecstatic sexuality' in the last 20 years.

2) First time in London: 'The Gentle Wave' - 25.-27. May
Considering that even ashore, massages, physical contact and relaxation have such a positive effect, how much better will it be in water at body temperature? Please feel kindly invited to recharge your empty batteries!

3) Special rates for HolidaySeminars in 2012
Save with each additional participation 33% of the participation fees - book 3 seminars and get one free seminar (no further discounts possible)

4) Fixed dates of the 18. T.E.L.-Trainings 2012 - 2014
The 'Training in Ecstasy & Love' is the very heart of GAY-TANTRA and a unique offer in Europe: To develop your personality, to enhance your entire experience capability, to heal wounded souls, to combine sexuality, love and spirituality. Start now to plan your personal development!

5) 'Back to the Roots' - India-Journey 27.1.-15.02.2013
A 19-days Pilgrimage to the most interesting spots of North India, including a trip to Goa, including practice of TantraYoga, Meditation, erotic wellness massages and ecstatic GAY-TANTRA on original places. Overnight accommodation in hand picked hotels, comfortable, safe and hygienic.

6) Other upcoming GAY-TANTRA Seminars in 2012
02. - 03.06. 'Erotic Massage' Workshop in Milan/IT
16.-23.06. 'In Sun, Wind and Waves', Holidays on Ischia/IT
23.-30.06. 'Mahamudra', HolidaySeminar on Ischia/IT
07.-08.07. 'Sexual Energetic Massage', in Berlin/GER
25.7.-1.8. 'TantraYoga, Touch & Meditation', near Berlin/GER
28.9.-5.10. 'GAY-TANTRA Masseur(certified)',IntensiveTraining

These and all further seminars at: Calendar

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