19th T.E.L.- Module 2:
'Ecstasy - Joy of the Spirit', 22.-27.07.2014

Dear reader,

What is 'ecstasy'?
And why: 'joy of the spirit'
(that's the title of the module)?
In sexual matters in particular we have our likes and dislikes: we weigh things up, judge, hold back or push across boundaries overhastily. All this hampers us in experiencing 'ecstasy' and being present outside of time and space. However, it is in this very dimension that our spirit lets go: negative thought patterns are transformed, knowledge that we had previously never consciously 'thought' simply 'occurs to us' and the spiritual dimension within us is filled with joy. Of course ecstasy has a physical, as well as a soul or an emotional component. In addition, ecstasy also has a spiritual significance which is most important and rarely nurtured. This is what we highlight in Module 2 and this is what gives us access to the spiritual dimension of our life. You can read below how this is achieved in practice.

I look forward to seeing you again for Module 2 and to plunging into ecstasy with you.

GAY-TANTRA - Breathe Life

Armin-Christoph Heining
GAY-TANTRA® Founder & Protagonist (since 1992)

You remember the 'Deepened Sexual Liberation' in autumn 2014?
Have trust and bring more authenticity, freedom, intimacy, vividness, love, lust, sexuality and spirituality into your life! For more information, please read again here.


Course and contents:
> MORe 3 Massage:
Anal and genital stimulation of orgasmic receptors
> Breath of Fire Orgasm:
Direct your energy powerfully through the entire body during orgasm
> Wave of Bliss:
A soft internalised kind of love-making

Organizatorial details:
Venue (click on the new site):
Haus Ebersberg, Bad Zwesten/Wenzigerode, near Kassel
Schedule: Start date: 22.07.2014, 18:00
End date: 27.07.2014, 17:00
(-10%) First-Minute Discount: for registrations until 22.5.14
(-30%) Preferential Price: for deepend repetition of module 2


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>> Intensive Seminar 'The Power of Male Sexuality'
Wed, 20.8. to Su, 24.8. near Berlin, GER [4 days]

>> 19. T.E.L.-Training Module 2 'Ecstasy - Joy of the Spirit'
Tu, 22.7. to Su, 27.7. near Kassel [5 days]

>> 19. T.E.L.-Training Module 3 'Art of Erotic Self-loving'
Thu, 11.9. to Su, 14.9. near Frankfurt, GER [4 days]

>> NEW: SpecialSeminar: 'The Dark Side of Eros'
Wed, 19.11. to Su, 23.11. near Frankfurt, GER [4 days]

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