GAY-TANTRA MasseurTraining 28.9.-5.10.2014:
Quality made in Germany

Dear Reader,

You too can participate in the high 'Quality made in Germany':
> Armin C. Heining, I, as the founder of GAY-TANTRA, trainer, group leader, masseur and coach, have acquired vast experience in the context of touch, love, pleasure, sexuality and spirituality. It is - next silent meditation - my passion.
> I belong to the second generation of trained Tantra teachers (Margot Anand, 1992) and have first-hand knowledge of the developments that Tantra has undergone in the last 20 years.
Through this Masseur Training you profit from my continuing growth and wealth of experience and from the possibilities of GAY-TANTRA.

Our very own produced, high-quality 3 GAY-TANTRA Massage DVDs enable you to prepare for the Training in theory and practice and feel joyful anticipation.
Experience our Masseur Training as a celebration of touch, pleasure and closeness and in this way you will personally enjoy this particularly intensive time, quite apart from the training content.
In so doing, you will set off on the path to becoming a professionally employed GAY-TANTRA Masseur (certified) and new horizons will open up both for you and others.

Our 3 GAY-TANTRA Massage films accompany our Training and enable you to refresh and deepen your knowledge again and again.

That is 'Quality made in Germany, created by Armin C. Heining'.
This Quality has the power to make the jump 'over the big pond' to the USA: For the first time the Training will be conducted there from 01. - 08.02.2015. Applications can be made to the host, 'Frog Meadow', VT from 15.09.2014.

If you would like to host this Quality in your own country (8 - 16 participants), feel free to get in touch with me.

Sign now for the training 'GAY-TANTRA Masseur (certified)', which will take place 28.09. to 05.10.2014 in Berlin. Last places are available!
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The very last InformationEvening:
Wednesday, 10.09.2014 online (Skype-Video-Call) from 8pm to 9:30pm (German Time).

Discover the source of happiness, sensuality and pleasure in GAY-TANTRA!

Armin-Christoph Heining
Instructor GAY-TANTRA Masseur Training 2014

P.s.: You know the film about the upcoming training?


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