Concerted action for the GAY-TANTRA SummerCelebration 30.07. - 03.08.2014
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1. Become a sponsor of the 2014 SummerCelebration now!
2. Obtaining a grant for the GAY-TANTRA 2014 SummerCelebration

1. Become a sponsor of the 2014 SummerCelebration now!

Regardless of whether you are taking part in the Celebration or not:

Become a sponsor of the GAY-TANTRA 2014 SummerCelebration. It is a relaxed four-day programme for young and old introducing tantric breathing, body and energy work. The participants get a feel for what 'Ecstatic GAY-TANTRA' is about and of the potential that lies hidden in it for sexual liberation and the healing of acquired shame, guilt, shyness and false restraint.

Does GAY-TANTRA mean something to you?
Have you already profited from GAY-TANTRA in your own life?
Do you wish that young people undergo a sound cultivation of their sexuality?
Do you want to promote the connection between sexuality and spirituality?

Then become a sponsor of the GAY-TANTRA 2014 SummerCelebration!
Make a donation to the charitable 'Foundation Sexuality & Spirituality' with the intended purpose 'sponsorship'

Foundation account:
Foundation SuS, Winfried Ripp
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, BLZ 850 205 00, Konto-Nr. 36 121 00
IBAN: DE46 8502 0500 0003 6121 00, BIC: BFSWDE33DRE
(Please state surname and given names as well as your complete address.)

Your donation will be assigned exclusively to the sponsorship fund for the GAY-TANTRA 2014 SummerCelebration. In the event of donations exceeding the number of bursaries applied for, your donation will be added to the basic assets of the charitable 'Foundation Sexuality & Spirituality'.

2. Obtaining a grant for the GAY-TANTRA 2014 SummerCelebration

If our seminar fees is the only reason preventing you from taking part in the GAY-TANTRA 2014 SummerCelebration, even though they are moderately calculated in comparison with mixed gender event providers, then check whether the 'Foundation Sexuality & Spirituality' is able to award you a grant.

Prerequisite for a bursary is that your freely available income does not exceed EUR 500. No one should be excluded from attending this event purely on financial reasons.

Make an informal application to the Foundation SuS ( by email.

Giving: brief personal details about yourself
Stating why you wish to attend this course
Stating your financial situation over the last two months and your financial prospects
The amount of the grant required...

The 'Foundation Sexuality & Spirituality' will contact you on verification of your application.
Please note: the 'Foundation Sexuality & Spirituality' can only award bursaries in accordance with the number of sponsorship offers received for the SummerCelebration.

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