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Osho Dynamic Meditation™ – Regular Practice

Osho Dynamic Meditation™ is a process of transformation in 5 stages.

Armin Heining is looking forward to welcoming you to Berlin, Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for the practice of Dynamic Meditation.

Stages of Dynamic Meditation:

Stage 1 (10 min): Breathing chaotically

Breathe chaotically through the nose, paying attention only to the exhalation. The body takes care of the inhalation by itself. Breathe as fast and as hard as you can – and then a little harder – until you are just breathing. Use your body’s natural movements to get more energy. Feel it increase, but don’t allow it to go wild in the first phase.

Stage 2 (10 min): Explode

Explode! Let out everything that wants to burst forth. Scream, shout, cry, jump, shake, dance, sing, laugh, romp around. Don’t hold anything back, keep your whole body moving. In the beginning you can act a bit to get into it. Don’t let your head get involved. Be total, put your whole heart into it.

Phase 3 (10 min): Jump with arms raised high above

Jump up and down with arms raised, chanting the mantra „Huh! Huh! Huh!“ as deeply as you can from your belly.

Phase 4 (15 min): Stop! Freeze

Stop! Freeze and stay exactly in the position you are in. Do not try to make the body comfortable. One cough, the slightest movement, and the energy is dissipated and all the effort is in vain. Observe everything that happens to you.

Phase 5 (15 min): Celebrate

Go with the music, dance, express your thanks to the creation, and take this feeling of happiness into your life.

Zu einem Schnelldurchlauf bzw. einer Anleitung per Video findest Du auf Youtube:

Dynamische Meditation Berlin
GAY-TANTRA Klassisch Ekstatisch

Classic / Ecstatic

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