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Sampler Workshop

Start date: 01.06.2018, 19:00     End date: 01.06.2018, 22:00
The workshop starts on Friday at 7 pm.
Please arrange to arrive about 15 minutes earlier to the beginning.
The end of the workshop will be on time at 10 pm.
Stockholm / Sweden (Touch Center)

The sampler workshop takes place at the Touch Center, Väringgatan 25, 113 33 Stockholm, Sweden.
The Touch Center is located in Vasastaden, a part of Norrmalm, in central Stockholm.

The workshop is open to all men regardless of age, sexual orientation, beginner or advanced level, single or couple status. It is only important to have a serious interest in GAY-TANTRA and the willingness to engage with men in a protected setting in order to get involved in deep and sometimes maybe bodily demanding experiences.
The workshop is no psychotherapy or replacements for therapy. During ongoing therapy or spiritual mentoring please discuss the intended participation with your therapist or mentor.

Fee: EUR 65
The following discounts are possible:
∇ (-10%) First-Minute Discount: for registration until Monday, 30.04.2018.

Additionally under the following condition:
» (-15%) Social rebate: Students/Unemployed Persons [with ID]

Seminar languages:
de us

gay tantra
gay tantra
gay tantra
gay tantra