Tantric wedding on Ischia

Tantric wedding on Ischia

We warmly congratulate the newlywed couple Davide & Andreas, who said "yes" to each other on Friday, 26.6.09 in the framework of the HolidaySeminar "In sun, wind & waves" on Ischia close to Naples/Italy.

Openly and authentically, the couple had told the group on Wednesday about their crisis two years ago, when their relationship of five years was seemingly coming to an end. Both of them lived alongside each other, until Davide participated in the GAY-TANTRA HolidaySeminar on Ischia for the first time. Andreas did not know why Davide decided to go. Andreas also did not take much time to think about it. The experiences Davide had during the HolidaySeminar completely changed the relationship towards himself and Andreas: For the first time, he was able to fully accept himself from the inside out. And deep in his heart he felt his love for Andreas and what he means to him.

After he returned home, Andreas immediately noticed that his partner was completely different: Suddenly they talked about topics they had never talked about for an entire day. And the intensity with which this took place fully overwhelmed Andreas. A new love commenced, which was confirmed now on Ischia with a public "Yes" to each other.

The group meeting centre, the eating place, and the bedroom of the couple had been decorated lovingly, creatively, and adequate for a wedding. Already on Thursday both of them had left their room, and moved in with seminar participants they were close to, in order to focus on themselves and their own energy before the wedding ritual. During the wedding ceremony Davide and Andreas arranged their family situation: From the men present they chose representatives for father, mother, siblings, earlier life partners, children, and their origin. In moving words they asked them for their blessing, for their "yes" for this new relationship. After saying goodbye to the previous life context this way, the path to each other was now open for Andreas and Davide. "Andreas, Davide: By accepting your partner, you also take his family and his origin into your heart. You are equal", were the words of the ritual. After the ceremony of putting on the wedding rings and the blessing, the ritual was opened to all guests of the wedding: They were able to approach their friend/partner or a representative and speak honest words of love and appreciation. After a wedding meal the couple was accompanied to the bedroom prepared for them for the wedding night....
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