Mahamudra-Retreat 8.-12.4.22 donation based

Mahamudra-Retreat 8.-12.4.22 donation based

Being completely intimate with yourself.
Be aware of yourself in all aspects.
To be close to yourself and your innermost being, tenderly, lovingly.

Mahamudra is the practice of silent meditation in the Tantric tradition.

> Your path to peace of mind and inner peace should not be complicated by a financial burden.
Therefore I would like to offer you a participation in the Mahamudra retreat from 08.-12.04. or 08.-10.04.2022 within your financial possibilities.

Recognize in silence who you are, where you come from and what your task is:
Without a shell, without frills, without constriction by a fixed budget.
Stay with companions in the presence of the moment in perfect harmony with yourself and the world.

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Register and donate at your discretion.

> We appreciate your donation for the free support of 'Mahamudra'.
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