Careful Handling in GAY-TANTRA

Careful Handling in GAY-TANTRA

Update 11.11.2021
We follow the applicable rules that run in the direction of 2G +: Vaccinated, Recover + Tested. (free tests available on site).

Update 16.05.2021
According to the so-called "Federal Emergency Brake" face-to-face educational events are permitted with a 7-day incidence of less than 100.
Come Back to your Strength and Joy of Life.

Update 04.03.2021
We have been carrying out rapid tests at every meeting in our closed groups since October; also in between for multi-day events. They ensure that the virus is not undetected in the room.
With the opening of schools - subject to hygiene concepts - also job-trainings and body therapies can again take place on site.

Update 24.11.2020
GAY-TANTRA is up and running during the present lockdown, to carry out all events live: training as well as body therapies are exempt from contact restrictions; in May these were also the first events that were allowed to take place.

In addition, we test with the new corona antigen rapid tests (EUR 10/person) before the start, so that no one is unrecognized as infectious in the room.
Spaces can be kept in our closed groups.

You want to participate and have questions about travel restrictions or similar? Please contact us personally to discuss your situation individually.

Update: 27.10.2020
Furthermore, the general distance and hygiene regulations and avoidance of contacts should be met to break the virus skipping.

For GAY-TANTRA events rapid tests (Antigen) are available on spot before the start (EUR 10/Test). If assembly bans are issued, contact restrictions are tightened or meetings of several different households are prohibited, these rapid tests immediately help to determine that we are virus-free.

Update: 16.06.2020
Group meetings, body-related services and meetings of persons from different families have been allowed in Berlin for some time - please check your own risk before you sign and decide for yourself!

The general hygiene and distance rules also apply in GAY-TANTRA. However, these should not be an obstacle to growing and maturing further with sexual energy as a human being. On the contrary, they invite you to deal creatively with the circumstances and also to try out new things. Have courage!

The hygiene and protection measures will be discussed at the beginning and during the events. You should always feel comfortable and safe....
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