Careful Handling in GAY-TANTRA

Careful Handling in GAY-TANTRA

In order to limit the spread of viruses and pathogens, strict hygiene and distance rules apply everywhere. However, these should not be an obstacle to growing and maturing further with sexual energy as a human being. On the contrary, they invite you to deal creatively with the circumstances and also to try out new things. Have courage!

a) GAY-TANTRA massage workshops and masseur training
Touch is good! However, massage and physical closeness can transmit viruses and pathogens to a particular extent. Therefore, the events in the GAY-TANTRA Massage/Wellness category will be held as a couple's event* from now on (until further notice). You only exchange touch and massage with the partner with whom you have registered; you keep physical distance from the others - the event rooms offer sufficient space.

How do you find a single practice partner to participate in a workshop?
> tell your friends and acquaintances about your wish to participate and ask. They may feel like you: they may be particularly hungry for touch and closeness now.
> GAY-TANTRA maintains a group on planetromeo and facebook. Make a post there. Enter into a conversation with GAY-TANTRA interested parties, also “private" e. g. in a chat. - let Armin know of your interest - maybe he can help.

*Open-minded couples are cordially invited to participate - married or partnered, guys and boys who meet or are best friends. All couples are welcome!

b) GAY-TANTRA Energy, orgasm and self-touch workshops
With physical distance and without external contact, these high-energy events lead to deep sexual liberation, an increase of the holistic ability to experience, and serve the healing of mental wounds. Look forward to your deepened journey inside (bring eye ties) and the universe that opens up in yourself. Look your travel partners in the eyes. Feel beyond the distance how love and energy flows between you and bring this river back again and again to yourself. Experience that tantra is not dependent on a partner, but on yourself and your own commitment. The hygiene and infection protection standards will be discussed at the on-site events at the beginning....

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