FAQ about the GAY-TANTRA OnlineMeetings

FAQ about the GAY-TANTRA OnlineMeetings

Dear interested man, dear former participant,
Tantra is not dependent on a partner - your own commitment is much more important! A happy sexuality goes also alone.

Our meetings are limited to 12 participants with and without previous tantric experience and are suitable for singles and couples (please one ticket each).
We recommend to follow the steps: Basic, Level 1 and Level 2. You will have a much more profound "Self-Ecstasy" experience!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to prepare?
1. Download the Zoom-App, recommended on your computer or laptop, which have larger screens than mobile devices. A headset with a microphone is also more recommended instead of the camera mic.

2. Prepare your tantric place, consisting of mattress, sheet, towel and massage oil in a cozy, warm room. A mattress on the floor is usually more comfortable than a wobbly soft bed.
You may also have placed a candle at a safe distance.
A relaxing shower in advance may increase the meeting with yourself and the others.

3. Be logged onto the meeting 10 to 5 minutes prior to our meeting (waiting room), so that you can check your camera and microphone and solve possible technical issues.

Q: Do I have to be on camera and microphone?
a) Yes – on the beginning with your face to say hello to all. We also have a ritual of confidentiality that all content of the meeting remains in the meeting room (no recording or screenshots are allowed).

b) During the session, when you learn with the film, your camera and microphone stay on. You have NOT to show any parts of your body.

c) We say goodbye to each other at the end of the official part of the meeting. You can leave or stay to interact with the other participants. In that inofficial part, you need to have your camera on and your face, body, at least a part of your body has to be on the camera.
You leave the room whenever you like. No re-entry.

Q: What else do I need technically to know?
The instructor, Armin, gives you a short overview before the session starts.
For example, you can hide all thumbnails of the other participants to have a full-screen film.
Or: If you want to observe a person more closely in the inofficial part, you can "pin" his picture and you will only see his picture. Click on the person's picture and select "pin" in the menu.
Zoom is a very easy handling software with many possibilities. Try it out with your friends!

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