Easter Ecstasy at the Jade Bight (North Sea)

Easter Ecstasy at the Jade Bight (North Sea)

Join me for the 'Eros, Energy & Massage' Easter-Intensive Seminar, 18 to 22 April 2019.
In these four days I will show new and fascinating possibilities to develop your sexual potential and to expand into new areas of experience - in which trust, love, awareness, acceptance and empathy converge - to let our body limits melt and let us become ONE!

You will learn through my guidance the Multiple, Orgasmic Genital Stimulation and will experience on a first level multiple, complete-physical orgasms.

During the 'Bonding Wave' - holding a partner very close for an extended time and getting hold - you will learn to connect on a physical, mental and spiritual level, more deeply through breathing, visualisation and the channelling of sexual energy.
Let yourself be surprised!

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