Flowing and intimate massage choreographies

Flowing and intimate massage choreographies

26.-31.08.2018 in Berlin: physical contact is and feels good. It gives relaxation, energy, peace, the feeling of acceptance and appreciation. We need contact just as we need food to live. Without contact, we get a cold attitude in addition, become very lonely.

You can learn and enjoy massages in shorter and longer workshops of 2 to 5 days in our GAY-TANTRA® "World of Touch and Tantra Massages".

Different options to participate:
Sun. 26.08. - Fri. 31.08.2018 - The World of Touch and Tantra Massages
Sun. 26.08. - Mon. 27.08.2018 - The Erotic GAY-TANTRA Massage
Sun. 26.08. - Tue. 28.08.2018 - The Erotic with Genital Massage
Wed. 29.08. - Thu. 30.08.2018 - The Tender GAY-TANTRA Massage
Wed. 29.08. - Fri. 31.08.2018 The Tender with Anal & Prostate Massage

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Gay Tantra

gay tantra
gay tantra