Articles about GAY-TANTRA on Wellfellow

Articles about GAY-TANTRA on Wellfellow

Jonathan and Noah, 25 and 29 years young from New York, attended my workshop in Frog Meadow, VT, last week - my home on the EastCoast of the United States.
They founded an online StartUp named 'Wellfellow' about one year ago.

Read how both - and I assume not only they - felt before they attended for the first time at a GAY-TANTRA workshop:
We're Going on our First Gay Retreat

And what they know now after attending their first weekend:
Gay Tantra 101: The Road Less Traveled to a Rewarding Sex Life

What they have experienced in detail they will publish in 3 to 4 weeks, after the experience has settled in a little bit. Up to now, they can say:
"I just want you to know Jon and I are in a state of bliss after this weekend. It was truly life changing. Thank you for that gift!"...
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