All together in ONE team

All together in ONE team

I am proud that our team in the GAY-TANTRA Oasis Berlin now consists of 5 Tantra Masseurs (certified) representing the complete range of my GAY-TANTRA masseur trainings:

The masseur very in the back of the picture attended my very first training December 2008 and acted in the 3 GAY-TANTRA massage films 'Erotic Massage For Him', 'Genital Massage' and 'Anal & Prostate Massage'.

Michele, the youngest masseur, completed in August this year the Masseur Training in Berlin.

Frederik and Rainer have completed the trainings too and are already practicing for a couple years in the Oasis.

Isn't that great to have them all in ONE team?
Welcome to visit us and enjoy a time in our sophisticated ambience...
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