New Training: Tantra-Energy Masseur (cert.)

New Training: Tantra-Energy Masseur (cert.)

Massage partners and guests come to a session with quite varied sexual backgrounds, experiences and stages of development. The great art of the masseur or the massage giver lies in his ability to take the recipient from where he actually is and to accompany him along the path to possible further development.

On completion of this Training the participants are able to independently carry out a multiple orgasmic genital stimulation, a multiple orgasmic anal and prostate stimulation, as well as a combination of the two.

They have mastered various ways of communicating with the recipient of the massage with regard to orgasmic experiences and can give directions how to proceed further. They know how to deal with the most varied manifestations of sexual energy and can channel them towards a holistic experience.

This training takes place for the first time from 26.12. to 06.01.2016 in Berlin with the experienced guidance of Armin C. Heining. It is focused primarily at masseurs who already offer some kind of tantra massages and want to broaden their skills regarding the flow of sexual energy....
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