Masseur Training US: Participants Feedback

Masseur Training US: Participants Feedback

Our massage training in the US is finished. We congratulate the certified masseurs and wish them a lot of success with the trained skills. It was a great adventure and positive experience for all of us.

Here are a variety of their feedbacks:

'This training was for me just what I needed! The week-long training session was both a spiritual journey and a practical workshop. I greatly appreciate the structure and format of the training. I would recommend and encourage TRAINED LMT/CMT to consider this course. The benefit will be significant enhancements to your current practice. Armin is very warm and generous. It was been a honor getting to know and working with him. Much appreciation!'
Jim, masseur RN/CMT

'The training is for professionals and those deeply interested in massage and spirituality. We learn tantric philosophy, spirituality and its relationship to massage and touch. In a disciplined and deep way both in theory and practice. Armin shares this integration and his experience and his massages.'
John, 48 years, psychiatric nurse RN, massage enthusiast

'This training was for me an awakening and enriching experience. I came to the workshop with the intent of broadening my experience of my run sensual practices. The workshop provides experiences at many levels. I discovered the truth of breathwork which again becomes for me the core of living in the moment.'
Michael, 64 years, visual & performing artist

Our Participants, and what they say... (Vermont, USA 02-2015)

'This workshop was mind opening. It connected my inner feelings with the outer world. I have found love and compassion in a way I had never experienced before! It was just the beginning...!'
Guillermo, 47 years, employee

'This training was a culmination of past training and experiences into a practical and useful application into my own life and surroundings. It was an awakening to the possibilities in my life and a roadmap to follow, to stay the course. The training was a new look into myself and how to apply in an organized manner the techniques and exercises learned. In the end a self discovery journey and the tools to continue that discovery.'
Rafael, 56 years, masseur and designer

'This training was for me a journey of deepening my tantric pathway. It has made me realize how important this is to me to include it in my life. I also realize how important the group connection and interaction is and even with a solo practice how the group energy can take you to a new place. It was also for me an honor to meet Armin. To experience him and share and learn from him. I have enjoyed the inner journey.'
Wayne, 44 years, masseur and instructor

'This training was for me a very indepth and intense journey into Tantra Massage. It showed me many techniques that I will almost immediately be usable in my massage practice.'
Tim, 42 years, professional masseur

We are proud to present this training in Febr. 14 - 21, 2016 for the very first time in California at Seven Cyrcles Retreat Center, hosted by Chris and Jim of Kindred Spirit Retreats...
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