'SuperOrgasm' - Participant's feedback

'SuperOrgasm' - Participant's feedback

The new training "The Gay SuperOrgasm" allowed our participants to start completely energized in the new year 2015.

Here is a cross-section of their opinions:

'I'm more of an individualist: This training was a big experience for me to feel part of a group once again. The Fire-Breath-Orgasm was of particular value for me. I felt reborn. I gave myself a beautiful present for my life.'
Heiner, 49, qualified gardener

'This training was for me a present:
- to make and feel contact on a deeper level with other men
- playing together with energy
- feeling together differences between being hung and sexual energy
- use the sexual energy in your daily life to balance
- also understand and feeling the essence of these things and to ground it in your life system
- opening yourself'
Stef, 50 years

'This Training was a milestone in my personal development:
In the various group, single and partner exercises I learned how to deepen my physical, sexual and emotional experience. Now I know how the connection with men can be more profound and fulfilling.'
Michael, 45, sales manager

'This training was for me going beyond all expectations! I now know I can never be ready. But it is always best to cross the river when you get to it. There is always a bridge there. So stop to worry about for one's needs are already provided.'
Derrick, 55 years

'This training was important for me to learn how to breathe. It's important to get out of the rut and important to recharge my energy for the coming year.'
Marcus, 38, master baker

'This training was for me a surprise in the different ways and experiences in bodywork.'
Peter, 41 years

'This Training was an emotional roller-coaster for me that had a healing effect on my inner life. By the end, I had the feeling of being centred. It was a boundary-crossing experience in every respect for me!'
Peter, 57, employee

'The focus of this training for me was on breathing and the relsulting sensations in the body. The training was physically demanding. This was a superb practical guide to bring tantric techniques into my relationship and my sex life.'
Paul, 49 years, professor

'I learned 3 important lessons
- Meditation is in fact useful for a joyous life.
- Any Chakra can be opened to create the qualities you want in your life.
- Life is an experiment. Just practice!'
Werner, 38 years, employee

'This training was for me a great tool to use in the future to be able to make improvements in my relationship with my partner. It helped me realize new qualities about myself that I was not aware of.'
Everardo, 39 years, electrician

'This training was for me a great experience, which allowed me to enhance my energetical levels and rebalanced my emotional state. It also gives me more faith and trust towards tantric practice. Thank you.'
Laurent, 49 years

We celebrate New Year 2015 with a Fire Walk Ritual - Be there with us!

GAY TANTRA Training "The Gay SuperOrgasm"
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