New Year's Eve 2014 at Brandenburg Gate

New Year's Eve 2014 at Brandenburg Gate

Wow: Was this a stunner!
Actually, the most participants in the GAY-TANTRA training for the Gay SuperOrgasm 2014/2015, tend to shy away from large crowds.
New Year's Eve was day 3 of the 7-day training: after an excellent New Year's Eve festive meal at the Seminar Hotel direct on the River Spree, we set off at 7 pm. Around 8:15 pm we were admitted to the three-kilometre long party zone. To start with, we didn't encounter any crowds of people. The group strolled towards the Brandenburg Gate... The crowd became more and more dense: we held each other by the shoulder and went in single file, as we had done in the seminar room: the crowd opened up spontaneously for us to pass through... Other people liked the idea and copied us...
We didn't manage to reach the very front of the Party Mile directly in front of the Gate where the main stage was. This had been cordoned off since 7 pm. So, in single file back through the body to body densely packed mass to the show stage that was behind it.
The live music was already underway. The atmosphere was good: lots of boys and girls, international, multilingual. We too got into the rhythm, started to rock our pelvis, jump in the air and bring our rhythmical breathing exercises into the Party Zone. The boys and girls around us were thrilled; they joined in our dancing, breathing and rhythmical jumping.
We men formed a circle and suddenly there were two girls dancing ecstatically in the middle. Other boys and men tapped our shoulders and wanted to join the breathing circle... "Very good energy! Very good energy!!!"
The presenter on stage shouted: "The atmosphere is somehow charged with sex... Berliiiiiiiiiinnn!!!"
Later on he described his first time with a woman... :-)
"I can't live Without You" (Nilsson, Mariah Carey et al.) - Couples were necking and kissing, our group of men cuddled up close and joined in the yelling: Any celebration can turn into an ecstatic event when the right people come together...

We plan to celebrate New Year 2015 once again at the Brandenburg Gate - Be there with us!

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