The NEW Workshop: Participants Feedback

The NEW Workshop: Participants Feedback

Many participants took the risk and jumped into "Ultimate Gay Sex". Here is a cross-section of their opinions:

"This workshop was a surprise for me, very inspiring and inwardly moving at the same time. I learned to release my emotions and express myself. I had the chance to learn how to take time for myself and my own spirituality."
Participant, 38 years

The workshop shed light on how essential my sexuality is in the interaction with my partner. I am very happy to have experienced my body and sexuality in new ways.
Participant, 36 years

"This workshop was interesting and hot. At many points I also had to overcome myself. In any case, you learn a lot about yourself and about people in general."
Participant, 28 years

"I met some nice people at this workshop. I felt very at ease. It was a sensational experience for me and I hope to repeat it again sometime. I am sad the workshop is over now."
David Lago, 44 years, Bolzano (Italy), travel agency owner

"For me this workshop was an intensive journey into my own ego, in a totally new way for me. I experienced a whole load of the most varied emotions, beautiful as well as sad ones, and everything in-between. It was a completely new way of meeting people emotionally and with all my senses."
Rudolf V., 42 Jahre, Munich, Editor

"For me this workshop was a bundle of exciting and unusual methods: A way of getting to know myself better and of bringing back heart and soul into my partnership.
Jörn, 56 years

This workshop gave me the chance to experience my body more consciously again and in a new way. The interaction with others was particularly important for me. They were two very intense days.
Helmut Bernhardt, certified engineer, 47 years

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with Armin C. Heining

"A lot was new for me in this workshop. I became aware of my body again. As more of a head person, I was able to reconnect withmy body again. It was a gift for me."
Participant, 45 years

"This workshop was out of this world and far beyond what I had imagined. The programme was going where only Armin could lead."
Derrick D., 60 years, Ireland

"Thank you, Armin, for your loving guidance and the framework you created in which I could have this self-encounter."
Participant, 58 years

In this workshop I discovered new things about myself and my partner. Now I know better what direction the journey should continue in.
Harald, 51 years

"This workshop was new to me and surprising just for that reason, really inspiring! It gave me the stimulus to change some things in my everyday life. The weekend had a good, cheerful atmosphere with nice, open and cultured co-participants."
Herbert, businessman, 60 years

"To start with this workshop was somewhat unexpected because I was expecting more direct sex with a title like "Ultimate Gay Sex"... Still, it was very intensive and as well as having wonderful experiences, I also learned some new holds, massage techniques and approaches to meditation. I am glad that the workshop was just like it was. Thank you Armin!"
Klaus W., 35 years, Berlin

"For me this workshop was energizing, moving and centring, and in spite of its briefness, very intensive, concentrated and in particular without a doubt tantric. The range of exercises was excellently balanced and very careful...."
Uwe R., 51 years, Chemnitz...
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