MasseurTraining 2014: Participants Feedback

MasseurTraining 2014: Participants Feedback

Highly motivated participants from Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Israel, Puerto Rico and The Netherlands arrived in Berlin for the MasseurTraining 2014. An intense and eventful time full of profound impressions and insights developed. Read here the feedback from the participants:

"This training was for me a turning point in my massage life. Although I do not work professionally, I wish to increase my level of talent and professionalism in order to provide my friends with more pleasurable, holistic experiences. This week developed many of these aspects in me.
The course provided a mental, physical, and spiritual framework for tantric massages I will offer, an historical, philosophical and practical approach in which to see and offer these massages. It also provided a great amount of technical/practical instructions which I think will change my massages forever.
I can already see the smiles of my future guests!
It was also an opportunity for me to overcome my shyness with my own nudity and increase my comfort levels being open, vulnerable, and intimate with strangers."
Stephen Kokker, Tallinn, Estonia, Teashop Owner

"This training was for me a brilliant and wonderful experience in an approach of lovely kind understanding people, I was able to advance my knowledge so much more than I could ever imagine.
What was ideal, is more experienced first-hand and advanced my knowledge so much that doing my metaphysics doctorate will not be a heavy labour."
Derrick, Southern Ireland, Ordained Metaphysical Minister

"This training was for me a strong personal development experience and a confirming of the divine meaning of sexuality when combined with the soul."
Christian, Belgium, 61 years

"This training was for me a most joyful, playful experience! Felt a lot like coming home; the feeling. Yes, this is my way/path and I want to make room for that in my life. I feel quite confident to start giving those massages. Yes, I want to be deeper in this tantric process! The inner boy in me is very happy."
Peter, Amersfoort, Netherlands, 51 years, Medical Practitioner and Natural Food Service.

"This training was for me a very good personal development; fulfilled all my objectives. The meditation gave me a glimpse or a basis to understand my personality. The tantra comforted my idea of sensuality in massage and in making love. Both meditation and tantra awoke my body and my spirit, even if the training was physically very demanding.
I’m feeling fully recharged to go to a new direction in my life. To keep all that positive energy, I’m aware that I will have to continue to practising."
Patrice, Brussels, Belgium, 46 years

"This training was for me an experience to break out of the life of rush and into a life of feel good wellness with beautiful people all looking for change and expansion. I learned a lot about sexuality combined with spirituality and can say that I accomplished my goal of re-defining my ideas of sex and body contact. Thanks!"
Horacio, Puerto Rico, 21 years, Yoga Instructor

"This training was for me an extremely intensive, pleasurable and demanding experience, which brought me to my limits and beyond. I have learned and absorbed incredibly much in a short time. It was great, that through meditations in the mornings, the dances, the sharing in the whole group and the sharing after partner exercises I was challenged in my whole personality and not only as a future masseur."
Mark, 44 years

"This training was for me a fundamental enrichment of my professional life and I also think of my life in general, also, because the theoretical background has been very good presented. Very good organized (location, timing, relation and amount of content/time)."
Participant, 56 years, Wellness Therapist

For 2015 we are planning two masseur trainings in Berlin and one in Southern Vermont/USA....
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