Download: 19th 'Training in Ecstasy & Love' 2013-2015

Download: 19th 'Training in Ecstasy & Love' 2013-2015

The T.E.L. 'Training in Ecstasy & Love' promotes personal development, heals wounds of the past, enhances the ability for holistic experiences and connects sexuality, love and spirituality.
For the 19th 'Training in Ecstasy & Love' 2013 - 2015 in 6 modules we have created a flyer that is available for download.
The training starts with module 1 from 27.12.2013 to 01.01.2014 near Frankfurt/Kassel, Germany.
For bookings till Sunday, 27.10.2013 is the -10% early booking rebate available.
Please don't hesitate to contact us, if there are any questions left....

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