GAY-TANTRA on Facebook: More than 1000 members

GAY-TANTRA on Facebook: More than 1000 members

More than 1,000 men from the whole world are now members of the GAY-TANTRA group on Facebook.
Become a member of the GAY-TANTRA ® group:
> Meet men who are interested in the issues Meditation & Tantra, Sexuality & Spirituality;
> Join with other students for free in a direct contact (chat);
> Socialize new contacts and make friends!
> Be the first to get news and updates on seminars and the new DVDs in 2013.
> Share your thoughts, Comment, discuss, share you out.
> Find exclusive information to GAY-TANTRA and related topics.
> Get in direct contact with Armin C. Heining - founder of GAY-TANTRA (1992).
> Get information on new offers and promotions first-hand.

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