Feedbacks of seminar participants

Feedbacks of seminar participants

Of the many ongoing seminars the participants always again give enthusiastic feedback.
Here are two voices:

"With the upwards flow of energy and my respiration in the solar plexus, I experienced a sudden explosive eruption of pent-up energy that has resolved the stiffness and blockages abruptly. Wonderful feelings of happiness flooded through me and I had a whole new freedom of movement and my voice."
Harald, lawyer, 35 years (T.E.L.-Training 01-2012)

"What I had hardly expected: Armin did it with his calm and confident way that "IT" really guided me. A huge success for me, otherwise I'm always in my head and in the control. Many thanks! I'm get much closer to myself! Great atmosphere, wonderful mix of oriental and everyday "sounds".
Bernhard, doctor of nature, 55 years (Introductory seminar Cologne 03-2012)...

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