Feedback: NEW multiple, orgasmic massages

Feedback: NEW multiple, orgasmic massages

Here is some feedback to the NEW multiple, orgasmic massage. We happily finished a short time ago our four-day IntensiveSeminar “The power of male sexuality“ near Dresden and later "The Art of Sexual Ecstasy" in Cologne.

Here are some comments of our participants:
> I experienced a completely new way of how sexuality can be and I only got a slightest idea of how healthful and easy sexual gathering can be! (Michael, 36 years old)

> Now, I am much more self- confident and I can see other men and handle it in a way so that tranquility and contentment prevail. (Rainer, remedial teacher, 43 years old).

> Gratitude for my situation and my life (Klaus, 54 years old).

> I was able to live sexuality without thinking of sexuality; and somehow without sex , I experienced endless orgasms (Jens, teacher, 45 years old).

> I was able to experience and enjoy sexuality in a new dimension, together with meditation (Peter, architect, 55 years old)

A warm welcome to expand your personal experiences by visiting our GAY-TANTRA Intensive seminars. And for those who already did a MORe massage, you can look forward to new freshness and actuality!

The next dates are:
28.10.-01.11.2011 "The Art of Sexual Ecstasy" near Munich
09.11.-06.11.2011 "The Art of Sexual Ecstasy" in London
26.11.-27.11.2011 "The Art of Sexual Ecstasy" in Amsterdam
27.12.-01.01.2012 "Training in Ecstasy & Love" (module 1) near Frankfurt...
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