Finished:<br>Production of the new GAY-TANTRA DVD

Production of the new GAY-TANTRA DVD

Preparations were going on since October last year: The recordings of the new GAY-TANTRA DVDs took place near Berlin from 1st to 3rd February 2011 in a sensual erotic environment:

> GAY-TANTRA Multiple orgasmic massages
> Gay Kamasutra
> GAY-TANTRA ritual and sexual ecstasy

The two actors Peter (alias Rick Bauer) and Hubert (alias Christian Herzog) did brilliant during the days of instruction and also later on the set of GAY-TANTRA, both in the exercises and in the choreography for the video. Besides all the work and effort that are needed to create such a video, it left deep impressions of love, lightness, lust, energy and a certain bond. A good start has been made and we were overwhelmed with gratitude: On the picture, you see the camera crew, the two actors (in the foreground and on the right) and Armin C. Heining, the director (center).

The first step is already taken. Now we’re really going to get started: Reviewing and cutting scenes, refine the live sound recordings, write voice-overs and add them to the videos, compose adequate music, create a cover, have the videos checked by the German movie rating organization FSK etc etc. Will it all be finished by September 2011? We will keep you up-to-date on it....

Gay Tantra

gay tantra
gay tantra