Tantra Teacher (Diploma)
Intensive training

The training as Tantra Teacher is an individual development in the field of teaching with GAY-TANTRA. Even if you do not wish to become a certified resp. licensed Tantra Teacher, this training is of great benefit for trainers, therapists, and men in all types of work with people.

In the training, Armin C. Heining, founder of GAY-TANTRA (1992), lays special value on the personal practice of tantric energy exercises and meditation in daily routine and the deepening of the same. Target is a 'tantric lifestyle', in which sexuality & spirituality are perceived and kept as energy sources for the design of the daily routine.

Requirement for participation in the training is the successful participation of the introductory resp. IntensiveSeminars as well as the completion of the GAY-TANTRA full training "Training in Ecstasy & Love" (Module 1 to 4 incl. 6). We gladly hand over the registration to the training personally (request via telephone or Email).

Course and contents:
After successful completion of the training the participant is able to teach a workshop series and 2 to 7 day introductory and topic courses. The training period is approximately 2 years.

1) Training block
This training block enables the participant to lead mediations, simple touch and massage structures himself, as well as a series of 3 events of approximately 3 hours length:

2) Practical training
in GAY-TANTRA full training "Training in Ecstasy & Love" in 6 modules
As jumper/assistant you instruct simple structures (meditations, massages, energy exercises) and are filmed on video. Already during the training the assistant group meets in the breaks for discussion/feedback of these videos.
Training participants that have not yet visited a single module as a participant register separately for this module and participate, before assisting in it during the following year.
Further the participants of the training group are asked to offer and conduct one to three programmes at their location under their own name. They are supported and accompanied by the training group and the training leader. The programmes are recorded in written form and handed in as an acceptance paper for written and oral test.

3) Theory training block 2:
The second training block serves the reflection of the practical training, the work on unclear issues and the supplementation of missing structures, the written and oral test and the certification as 'Tantra Teacher'.

Dates/Fees of the Tantra Teacher training:
For dates/fees please email to Fees/Dates Tantra Teacher training
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