GAY-TANTRA®: Advanced Tantra Practitioner

Meditation Gay Tantra Das Diplom Certified SkyDancer

`Yeshe Tsoguel` was the enlightened companion of a Buddha named `Padmasambhava` and lived in Tibet in the eight century. She was also called "sky dancer". In the Buddhist tradition the expression "SkyDancer" was given to especially passionate humans that were deeply devoted to spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Tantric Buddhism was developed by `Yeshe Tsoguel` and `Buddha Padmasambhava` together.

By the hands of the Frenchwoman Margot Anand Naslednikov, scholar of Osho (Bhagwan), tantric knowledge, tantric culture, tantric devotion and passion reached the western world in the 1980ies. Referring to the origins Margot Anand called her method SkyDancing-Tantra® . She translates "SkyDancing": "Life and love can be like a dance beyond the clouds - light".

GAY-TANTRA® is a "young" form of ancient tantra. It was founded by Armin Heining in the 1990ies. Based on the previously stated concept of SkyDancing-Tantra®, GAY-TANTRA®, adapts this path and realizes it in the life context of homosexuals. Target is to make joy and lust of life, the connection of sexuality and spirituality, meditation and ecstasy accessible to gay men.

The following training sections - completed with success - have also given you a first introduction to GAY-TANTRA®. This is confirmed with the GAY-TANTRA® document

Advanced Tantra Practitioner

  • "Sexual Energy Massage" (IntroductoryWorkshop, 2 days)
  • Desire - Ecstasy - Bliss (IntroductorySeminar, 2 days)
  • Eros, Energy & Massage (IntensiveSeminar, 3 resp. 4 days)
  • The Biggest Tantra-Energy Sex Program (T.E.L.-Training in 6 modules, approx. 31 days)

  • in total approx. 39 seminar days (Date: 06/2012)

Gay Tantra


This document wants to motivate you to continue to practise tantra and therefore remain in variation and exploration of life and your sexuality on the one hand. On the other hand you have then fulfilled the requirements needed to participate in other advanced tantric trainings and events, in the context of GAY-TANTRA®, for example the training for `GAY-TANTRA® Teacher` (Diploma), as well as in other contexts of the homosexual and heterosexual world, for example the SkyDancing-Tantra® Teachers-Training.

gay tantra
gay tantra