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The Art of Sexual Magic
23. Training (Module 4) | Level II

Course and contents:
A ceremony helps you to awaken your inner magician. You create a type of ark, which you can invoke anytime while practicing sexual magic. You learn to create a magic circle and as well a magic sphere around you.

Guided meditation connects you with your spontaneous nature, with your wild- and tender nature, with your energy and intuition. You open a space in yourself, from which you can realise your deepest desires and visions. In the "Pot of the Magician" you consolidate these needs to a symbol.

Advanced techniques from the Intensive Seminars and the 2nd Training Module make it possible for you to connect this vision with all levels of your personal self.

Your dedication in the MORe 3 exercise (genital, anal and a whole body massage) will make it possible for you to charge up your vision with sexual energy and to connect it with the cosmic forces.

In the "Magical Union" you will transfer your energy to the universal forces and thereby also perhaps experience, how it feels when the vision is already manifested.

Conversation, organisation of practise groups, diverse massages and meditations will accompany the training and round of the module. They will give you a perspective of how to integrate Tantra into your daily routine and how to make it more ecstatic.

Recommended media:
  • Book "The Art of Sexual Magic" by Margot Anand.
Please ask for it.

Required for participation:
All men who have attended the GAY-TANTRA Training module 2 including the 'Ritual of the Wave of Bliss' are allowed to participate.

The attendance at T.E.L.-Training Module 4 can later be credited to the document GAY-TANTRA® Advanced Practitioner.
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