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The Art of Everyday Ecstasy
23. Training (Module 5)

Course and contents:
Body perception, relaxation, as well as movement and playful encounters help during the approach and finding into trust.

Exercises of the voice and movement, massage and meditation bring you in vivid contact with your chakras. Through the "7 rhythms of love" you will recognize the stages we pass through in successful sexual-holistic encounters.

Body-oriented methods support you in experiencing unity of body, mind and spirit and the junction of the chakra energies. This enables you to solve questions and problems in your everyday life confidently and efficiently with the help of your chakras.

We will explore sounds, mantras and mudras in mystical tantra and experience, how the reconnection to the transpersonal aspect is important for the everydays ecstasy.

We get in contact with the body of light and explore new energy bright connections.

We celebrate ecstasy and give her a ritual expression as a basic quality of the day by day life.

Recommended media:
  • GAY-TANTRA DVD "Silence & Ecstasy. Meditation and Tantra in Connection" by Armin C. Heining (in German).
  • Book "The Art of Everyday Ecstasy" by Margot Anand, ISBN 0-7499-1919-1
The media can be ordered in our shop.

Required for participation:
Completion of an Intensive Seminar "The Art of Sexual Ecstasy" or other seminars with extensive Chakra work.

The attendance at the T.E.L.-Full-Training Module 5 can later be credited to the document GAY-TANTRA® Advanced Practitioner.

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Meditation & Tantra - GAY TANTRA

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gay tantra