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Rent an Instructor
The Individual Solution!

The GAY-TANTRA Pioneer Armin is available for individuals, couples and groups.

Many good reasons
  • You have a very individual schedule and can't waste time to setup dates?
  • You are a public person and need privacy and secrecy?
  • You are alone or in a partnership and you are not open for a group experience?
  • You are a straight couple and want to be instructed by an altruistic master?

Armin Heining
the GAY-TANTRA Founder and Pioneer (since 1992), international Coach and Trainer (Germany, Europe, America) will be available to all individuals, couples or already existing groups/companies/organisations as an instructor. Benefit from his rich travel agenda, his long-lasting experience, his know-how and his unparalleled path of transformation in his life (watch the interview "From Benedictine Monk to GAY-TANTRA Guru").

Instructor & coach for individuals
The path of GAY-TANTRA does not depend on a partner. Everybody can acquire deep experience as well as tantric knowledge. You only have to be wholeheartedly willing to look inside you, to discover yourself as the source of all lust and thus to develop your emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. The base for that path are exercises published by Armin in eleven specialized instruction and guidance films (as of 05-2015), available in the GAY-TANTRA webshop on DVD and as Download.

Armin can compile for you a course of up to twenty-one days and will guide and accompany you. It is you who can determine in consultation with Armin the goals, the contents and for how long you would like to experience!

The fee for one day (approximately eight hours) is EUR 950 plus travel expenses/hire charges et cetera. The appointment will be made via email or telephone and paid in advance after the coaching date is confirmed.

Instructor & coach for couples
In order to make your relationship hum or simply to widen your horizon, you can by yourself or as a couple invite a third person as your instructor. Thus, many couples have already etremely benefited from GAY-TANTRA. Learn with Armin different kinds of touch and massage! Learn and get inspired by the many gay Kamasutra positions! Experience "The Wave of Bliss" ritual for your most intimate togetherness! Bring more joy, playfulness, love and spirituality into your bedroom!

The fee for one day (approximately eight hours) is between EUR 995 and 1450 depending on the subject matter of the course. There will be extra travel expenses/hire charges etc., if the teaching activity takes place in selected venues. The appointment will be made after consultation via email or telephone and paid after confirmation in advance.

Instructor & coach for groups/companies/organisations
The range of Armin Heining's teaching activities and know-how is wide. From first contact (closeness/distance) and improvisation exercises (body flow, massages), via very sexual exercises (MORe 1 - 3, "Multiple Orgasmic Responses" on three different levels, rituals of self-pleasuring), right up to highly ecstatic and spiritual experiences (chakras, "Wave of Bliss", silent and active meditations).

As an already existing group/company/organisation, "Your Individual Solution" can help you to get to know each other on a new level in order to gain new motivation, lust, happiness or vision for your group or company!

The fee is based on the above mentioned daily rate (plus extra travel expenses/hire charges, allowances, et cetera) and on the size of the group (small and large groups up to 30 participants).
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