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Mahamudra - Ecstasy in Silence
23. Training (Module 6)

Mahamudra: To be totally intimate with yourself. To be aware of yourself in all aspects. To be close to yourself and your innermost being, tenderly, lovingly.

'Mahamudra' refers to the practice of silent meditation in the Tantric tradition.

In silence, recognize who you are, where you come from, where you are going, and what your purpose is: shell-less, without any fuss. Remain in this and stay with yourself. All your attention is now focused on the presence of this moment in perfect harmony with yourself.

'Mahamudra' (Sanskrit) literally means 'The Great Gesture' or 'The Last Gesture' in the sense of 'the last gesture that is possible - after that there is no more'. So it means just being completely there: no before - no after: Just 'NOW'.

Let Armin, a master of meditation practice (since 1984) guide you through the varied program step by step to this presence and learn over 12 meditation periouds a day that ecstasy and happiness deepen through immersion and accompany you daily on your path.

Course and contents:
After arriving, dinner with talk and sharing and the first meditation session the silence begins lasting till the last day. Outside silence supports the inner silence and the practice of silent meditation.

Guided by a simple daily schedule the daily routine starts at 7.00 h with "Dynamic Meditation" to release stress, tensions and the chatter of the mind.

About 12 rounds of silent sitting meditation change with meditative walking during the day.

Gentle bodywork, lectures, singing, recession of tantric texts, manual work, single discussions and a discussion to the conclusion, round the retreat off.

Required for participation:
Having met Armin Heining in another GAY-TANTRA class.

The attendance at T.E.L.-Full-Training Module 6 can later be credited to the document GAY-TANTRA® Advanced Practitioner.

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