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Sessions for Singles and Couples

Aim of a tantric session for singles and couples is to solve difficulties and blockades - whether they are on a physical-, mental or spiritual level, to harmonise energies.

The zest of life has to be brought back and increased.

There are many different techniques that can be implemented:
  • personal counselling
  • emotional therapies (Bioenergetics, re-birthing, gestalt therapeutic techniques)
  • body therapies (Cranio-sacral and Visceral therapy)
  • different breathing exercises
  • silent and active meditations
  • deep relaxation in 35°C/95°F warm water

All tantric exercises can be a subject of a singles and couples session:
  • the dynamic process of Streaming

  • the opening and experiencing of the Chakras (Energy centres)
  • rituals of self pleasuring
  • the "Inner Flute" meditation, the secret channel weaving sex and spirit together
  • the "Wave of Bliss"
  • "sexual magic"

In order to feel confident and comfortable in the interrelationship of a group, it could possibly be better to begin with an individual session before attending a seminar!

The dates and the subject matter of an individual session will be arranged for by telephone and take place, as a rule, in at GAY-TANTRA Berlin or in the cities before or after a seminar (Tel. + 49 30 26344515).

The sessions in 35-centigrade-warm water can preferentially be held during the weeks of the Berlin school holidays.

The fees for a single or couples session with Armin Heining, Founder of GAY-TANTRA:
» 30 minutes talk / counselling: EUR 75
» 60 minutes individual session: EUR 130 to 200 (depending on the content)
» 90 minutes individual session: EUR 200 to 270 (depending on the content)
» Fee for multiple singles and couples-sessions is negotiable.

Whole day bookings (for groups, companies...): see "Rent an Instructor"

Further Details:
Appointments are done by phone or email. You are invited to share about your motivation and wishes for booking a session, so that the appointment can be prepared best! Phone: + 49 30 26344515
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