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Genital Massage - The Intimate Touch
Massage Workshop

Sequences from the GAY-TANTRA DVD 'Genital Massage'
Author: Armin Heining, published 06-2010

The GAY-TANTRA Genital-Massage is a respectful and valuing method for touching men in their most intimate places. It opens a space in which moving emotions can freely unfold:
well-being, lust and ecstasy – the entire bandwidth of vital feeling and pleasure.

Course and contents:
Body perception, movement and encounter help to release the everyday life situations and to get in trust with the other men in the group.

Active and calm meditation energizes the energy flow, sensitises skin and organs, in addition, prepares you to receive and give beneficial massages.

You will give and receive a sensual whole body massage. This opens body and heart and creates trust and intimacy.

The whole body massage prepares for the genital massage: You will learn step by step to touch the penis and to awake new and surprising sensations. Your ability to touch genital and scrotum sophisticatedly and to feel as a receiver increases. You get a taste about what it means to meditate sexually.

Discussion and the ability to exchange experience will point out how the learned massage is to be applied in your everyday life and how your life with GAY-TANTRA can positively be enhanced.

Armin Heining
Since his founding of GAY-TANTRA® in 1992 and the opening of his Massage Oasis in Berlin in 2009 and subsequent release of his GAY-TANTRA® multi-part DVD series in 2010, Armin has helped Tantra become widely known within the gay community in Europe. He is considered to be the ultimate authority on the art of massage, the culture of body contact, the channeling of sexual energy and the connection with a partner through tantric energy circles: in a word, the connection of sexuality, love, intimacy, compassion, forgiveness and spirituality. Learn from the GAY-TANTRA® Pioneer and enjoy your time with him!

Recommended media:
  • GAY-TANTRA Film 'Genital-Massage' by Armin Heining
  • Book 'Tantra or The Art of Sexual Ecstasy' by Margot Anand.

First-time participants will get our GAY-TANTRA Film "Genital Massage" as well as other bonus material as download for free - for inspiration and joyful preparation!

The attendance at the MassageWorkshop can later be credited to the GAY-TANTRA certification Tantra Masseur.
This workshop can also be a base for advanced GAY-TANTRA Classic/Origin seminars and trainings that deepen and intensify the workshop experiences.
Talk about that to the facilitator Armin Heining!
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