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Festival of Touch
(Koningsdag Holland)

Touch - creative, sensual, unintentional, warm...
Professional physical provides you with energy, relaxation, tranquillity, the feeling of acceptance and appreciation. And we need touch like food to survive. Without touch we grow lonely and cold.
The Festival of Touch aims to give space to your yearning to be touched!

Course and contents:
Body perception, movement and encounter help you relief the strain of everyday life situations, open your heart and relax in a group of men.

Active and still meditation activates the energy flow, sensitises the skin and organs and, in addition, prepares you to touch and be touched in a mindful way.

In various sequences we 'play' with touch: unintentional, energizing, erotic, healing, passionate, meditative, sexual, sensual… We cuddle, hug, caress, massage, hold... We experiment with closeness and aloofness, intimacy and distance, pleasure and love.

We celebrate a Festival of Touch, in which trust, love, awareness, acceptance and empathy converge – to let our body limits melt and let us become ONE.

Conversation and sharing of experience show you how to incorporate the experiences into your life and how a path with GAY-TANTRA can develop further.

Meditation & Tantra - GAY TANTRA

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gay tantra
gay tantra
gay tantra