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Sampler Workshop

Start date: 18.03.2021, 19:00     End date: 18.03.2021, 22:00
The workshop starts on Thursday at 7 pm.
Please arrange to arrive about 15 minutes earlier to the beginning.
The end of the workshop will be on time at 10 pm.
Zurich / Switzerland (Studio)
The Sampler Workshop takes place in the rooms of a beautiful Studio, 8055 Zurich-Trimli. You reach the place via public transportation in around 16 minutes from Zurich Rail Station.

Fee of Participation:
The standard fee is EUR 99.

Planning Security Covid19:
You should not have shown any symptoms for the past 2 weeks or have had contact with people infected with Corona.
✔️ Rapid tests are available on site (EUR10 per person). these quick tests will help us to remove contact restrictions for us as a closed group.

Fee: EUR 99
The following discounts are possible:
∇ (-15%) Social rebate: Students/Unemployed Persons [with ID]

Seminar languages:
de uk

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gay tantra