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Being touched
GAY-TANTRA Massage Sessions

Physical touch feels good!
Professional physical touch gives relaxation, energy, tranquillity, the feeling of acceptance and appreciation. And we need touch like food to survive. Without touch we grow lonely and cold.

With following GAY-TANTRA massages
Armin C. Heining, GAY-TANTRA Founder and masseur
takes you in the GAY-TANTRA Oasis Berlin and other places, along into the realm of senses, eroticism, sexuality and spirituality:

1)The sensuous GAY-TANTRA massage
With different massage techniques the whole body is affected, caressed, massaged. The energy flow becomes alive, senses open, which sensitises the whole body. The receiver of the massage is deeply relaxed but nevertheless very awake at the same time.

2) The tender GAY-TANTRA massage
This is the most astral of the tantric massages. Tenderly, slowly, and gently it encompasses the entire body and offers a high level of tranquillity and feeling of security. It awakens the energy centres (sex, heart, forehead) and repeatedly strokes them with great gentleness. Based on the old philosophy of Tao this massage repeatedly brings the poles Yin and Yang together with great strokes.

3) The erotic GAY-TANTRA massage
A ritual introduction helps to let go of everyday life and enter the tantric sphere. Followed by an intensive body massage that inebriates and leads deeply into sensual experience. Playful and intensive touch does not leave out any part of the body, not even the intimate area. The massage ritual ends with a final pulsing, during which you have time to prepare for the return to the world.

4) The GAY-TANTRA genital-massage - the intimate touch
This healing massage removes unconscious tension from the sexual centre, and expands the range of feelings. Mostly it has a sexually arousing effect, and the recipient is able to fully concentrate on his feelings. You do not have to give anything back in return and can feel fully accepted and respected at the same time!

5) The GAY-TANTRA anal-massage
After opening and relaxation of the back sexual centre, the hidden energy and lust points of the tailbone (location of the "Kundalini") and the prostate are stimulated. The deep touch usually has a very sensuous effect; widening for the soul and mind. Deep, slumbering feelings are awakened, and unfold throughout the body.

6) The GAY-TANTRA Kama Sutra Massage
If you as a receiver surrender completely in the full-body massage with genital and anal stimulation, closeness, love, excitement and intimacy with your masseur build up as its own. Energies weave together and sexual interaction happens completely naturally and with ease. Kama (love) and sutra (teaching) connect with each other. Being touched and touching occur in a free manner. Closeness and intimacy are expressed not only in sexual union, but also with the whole body, like a dance. A certain degree of physical agility and fitness are a prerequisite for the Kama Sutra massage.
The Kama Sutra massage can be experienced only with a previous big-GAY-TANTRA massage with genital and anal massage.

7) The GAY-TANTRA Shower Ritual
A sensual shower ritual is perfect as a prelude and preparation for a GAY-TANTRA massage: Ritually welcomed by your masseur, he will lead you in the pre-heated steam room. Your body will be showered: The everyday activities and stress can float away - calmness and receptivity can arise. A special shower peeling is applied and gently massaged in, in circular motions. It will give your skin pore-deep cleaning. Without losing yourself in details, you may simply tell us about what you want to let go and from what you wish to be cleaned internally. Afterwards, the peeling gets rinsed off and finally to complete your sensual experience, you will be rubbed dry by your companion with a fluffy towel. You take your refined and radiant skin with you into the warm massage room and into the GAY-TANTRA massage, which follows then.

8) The GAY-TANTRA School of Love - for singles and couples
Conquer new horizons in your ability to enhance pleasure, potency and orgasm – tailored to your individual needs – in the GAY-TANTRA School of Love.
Armin C. Heining is happy to meet you as a personal coach, teacher, partner and assistant to help you enrich your love-life with his extensive know-how.
You can reveal your innermost secret questions and concerns - he will be pleased to be of assistance.
Do you wish to be an attractive and creative lover? Armin-Christoph will initiate you in the secrets of tantric loving and give you feedback when required.
Are you interested in developing stronger masculinity, a greater ability to surrender yourself and to experience heightened orgasms and rituals of sexual magic? Armin-Christoph will work at these aspects with you.
GAY-TANTRA - Breathe Life.

For the different durations of the rituals and massages and their prices
please visit the page of the GAY-TANTRA Oasis Berlin.
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