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Awaken the hermit in you!
Online Coaching & Support

Reduce social contacts.
Stay home.
Restrict our lives to our own four walls:

Awaken now the Hermit in you who is at peace with himself, God and the World!

Correct: Tantra leads to deepest melting with a partner.
☯ But this is only the HALF tantric truth. ☯
Become very intimate and melt with yourself, be closest to yourself - this is the other tantric truth that is now coming into view and life is challenging you.

But how does it work:
Becoming completely intimate with myself?

  1. Plan your personal life as best as you can. Give it structure:
    When do you get up? When are you going to bed? When do you move and go for a walk, do light sports? When and what do you eat?
    What could you set as your goals especially for this time of (forced) retreat?

  2. Create a diary - a truly faithful companion!
    For example, write in the next four weeks: What feelings arise with the new situation? What thoughts are on your mind? Reflect!
    My diary has often helped me to sort myself out in dark hours.

  3. Your spiritual life - the connection with yourself and the higher powers:

    a) Many of the “meditations" help you to get out of your present feelings and land with yourself. Find detailed descriptions of how they work and music here in the GAY-TANTRA Webshop.

    b) The most popular GAY-TANTRA meditation is the "Sunrise of the Soul" - a guided meditation: Jeru Kabbal personally guides through the breathing process. Before that, he gives a detailed introduction to this meditation:
    Every day 1 x 1 h? Wow - That sets something in you in motion!

  4. Your libido comes back - Right: You are a modern hermit who knows that spirituality and sexuality are inseparable.
    Now try new ways to deal with your sexual lust.

    Two of my GAY-TANTRA films are especially recommended to you for the next four weeks:
    "The Art of Self-Ecstasy - multiple orgasms through masturbation" and
    "Strong Man - Longer and harder erections, no premature ejaculation"
    Write in your diary what you experience with them!
    Further ways you can find here.

  5. Your personal companion, coach & trainer
    Questions arise? Are novel sensations released? Do long-hidden things come to light?
    Turn to me - talk to me: I am here for you!
    A short E-Mail is sufficient.
    For a longer conversation book 30 minutes coaching (see dates).

Take care of yourself and get through the time well. Stay healthy and well!
Always at your side is
Armin Heining
GAY-TANTRA Founder & Pioneer
Meditation & Tantra - GAY TANTRA
Online, All countries

18.03.2020 - 08.04.2020